Fox Is Considered Most Uncivil Network: Study

Fox News is considered the most uncivil network by Americans, according to a new survey.

Weber Shandwick, Powell Tate and KRC Research polled 1,000 people in April for their annual "Civility In America" study. Thirty-five percent of participants said that Fox News is "uncivil," while 53% described it as "civil."

CNN and MSNBC fared slightly better. Thirty-one percent considered MSNBC "uncivil" and 49% "civil." Thirty-one percent of respondents thought CNN was "uncivil," and 53% "civil." PBS was considered most civil of the networks.

The results did not bode well for news outlets overall. "A considerable 62% called out the media as uncivil in this year’s survey," the study reported. "While this is considerably lower than last year’s incivility rating of 74%, it ranks among the top five most uncivil aspects of American life."

A whopping majority of people (82%) also believe that the media is more interested in controversy than facts, and 55% of respondents said that they were tuning out of "news coverage and reporting" due to incivility.

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