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Fox Yawns

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2014-08-14-yawning_red_fox.jpgFoxes yawn.
So do we.
So what?

Still, yawning is quite luxury thing.

Being scared, cold or thirsty isn't a good starting point for a decent yawn.
Yawning basically requires a really safe environment and a full stomach, to begin with.

Like most animals, foxes prefer being lazy and don't tend to waste energy.
Once their stomach is filled and the enemies are defeated, the magic word is chill.

They just lie down, close their eyes, enjoy the sun light, stretch a little and yaaaawn.
Mindfulness avant la lettre.

Now look at us: what do we do when we're not working?
We are busy, doing things.
And if we're not doing things, we are planning to do so.
With our calendars filled to the brim with appointments and to-do-lists.

Wouldn't it be a good idea to do like foxes do?
At least for one time a day.
Just relax and do nothing, but yawn..?

I'm pretty sure that, while typing this text, I could have easily produced five serious yawns.
At least.
What a waste ;)

A nicely civilized, but somewhat modest yawn

A perfect symmetrical yawn

A quite unabashed yawn

Just a Perfect Yawn

The Evil Yawn

Yawning like there's no tomorrow

A sandy yawn

Mother of all Yawns

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