Foxmongering, the Greed Machine, and Poverty Profiteers: A Unifying Theory of Republican Politics

Following the recent mass shooter attack in Colorado, many Americans are rightly considering the deadly and foreseeable consequences of the right-wing media's role in the dissemenation of demonstrably false accusations of fetal body part sales by the national community health care provider Planned Parenthood. We shouldn't forget that amid the insanity of so-called "pro-life" Twitter responses, the unjustifiable disparity between who is and who isn't taken unharmed into police custody, and the recitation of past assassinations by anti-abortion terrorists -- amid all of these worthy topics and more, let us not forget that even the murder of innocent civilians contributes to the bottom line and business model of those who profit from the extreme right's agenda to amass unasailable profit and the highest political power through deception.

If the limitless Super PAC donations of billionaires and duped conservative voters are the life blood of the modern Republican politcal engine, Fox News is the nitro injection switch, boosting speed on the straightaways, with complete disregard for the journalistic rules of the road, with the obvious results: fatal collisions that could easily have been avoided by doing their damn job.

The truth matters, especially when you have a national megaphone. The widely-viewed GOP Debates have only hastened the inevitable, a tailgate celebrating the idiocy and celebrity of fools who never learned that it doesn't matter if you think you can "win" an argument against a hated enemy or practice, lies not only discredit your own position, they incite others in ways you can't predict. This election's candidate field seems to have some bizarre oil-and-water relationship with the truth (with the notable exception of Senator Bernie Sanders, whose pants appear incapable of catching fire thanks to vigilant, fact-based flameproofing,) but this particularly vile and easily disprovable nonsense perpetuated by the media, Republican officials, and the candidates has now led to civilian and law enforcement casualties in just a few months of profitable dissemination. No one will be held accountable. But there should be consequences in the primaries and on Election Day for liars.

These major players in the economic power grab aren't attacking Planned Parenthood on moral grounds any more than they go after welfare recipients for fiscally responsible goals or rattle their sabers at any unstable Middle East conflict to protect American citizens. The unifying theory of Republican policy is market dominance. They're simply and nakedly in favor of whatever makes private industry stronger, enriching financial institutions at the expense of hedge fund managers, hedge fund managers at the expense of CEOs, CEOs at the expense of shareholders, shareholders at the expense of customers, and customers at the expense of the general populace, all with the side benefit of lucrative board directorships, consultation and lobbying jobs, and greater personal wealth for every politician (on either side of the aisle) who gets with the program of giving national wealth and citizens' rights away to the nationless greed machine.

The political apparatus of big business, conservative politicians, and major media clearly don't need my branding consultation, but the rest of us could use a term for this bullshit. So here's what I'm calling this valuable deception of the greed machine: Foxmongering.

Foxmongering: The presentation of innocuous, immaterial, or imaginary news items as dire threats to scare uninformed white people into voting Republican, against their own best interests, frequently inciting hate, fear, legal action, and violence.


TODAY ON FOX & FEARS: Ebola Death Panels! Socialized Gun-Grabbers! Transgender Sharia Law Bathrooms! The 9/11 Truth About Feminist Hoodies! Abortion Madrasahs! Job-Killing Kenyan Birth Certificates! The New Black Panthers' False Flag War on Christmas! The Federal Reserve Invades Texas's Open Border with Mexican Rapists! Gay Benghazi Adoptions! Welfare Queens Selling Fetal Organs! Hollywood Vaccines Causing Auteurism! The Latest Refugee Orphans who'll become Foreign-Thinking Batmans! How Black Lives Matter Activists are Keeping us from Returning to the Gold Standard!

AND LATER IN THE SHOW: A full hour of discredited talking heads yelling over each other about a horrifying new trend the Dictator-in-Chief* is teaching your teens! (Spoiler: They're butt-huffing the ashes of American Flags! It's called Spangling, and it's as deadly as it is anatomically improbable!)

BUT FIRST: Traditional marriage is under threat as climate scientists admit they faked data to show the Earth is turning gaaaaaayyy!

*Not my President.

There are signs of hope, as more and more people wake up to the reality that America must make a hard turn and soon before the consumer economy runs out of consumers with any pocket change to spend on all the wondrous foreign-made products and underpaid services the Greed Machine is selling. Maybe we really can save capitalism from itself, as Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders have indicated, but in order to generate the necessary political will among voters, we have to stop being silent against the profitable lies poverty profiteers are selling and perhaps by speaking out, break the apathetic consent of the American non-voter, disillusioned by the politics as usual, "profits over people" status quo.

The powerful may have a voice, but the people have a vote.

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