Fractious GM makes Browns rebuild echo “Draft Day” script

Cleveland-area sports media was all agog when Browns boss Jimmy Haslam hired John Dorsey, an old school football man, as the team’s new General Manager. But they overlooked the fact that Dorsey’s winning reputation was tarnished in June after being fired by Kansas City Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt ostensibly for being a disorganzed manager with problematic communications skills who disrupted the relationship beween coaching and the front office.

After hitting the ground running a couple weeks ago and vowing to return the Browns to the glory days before the team was reborn as a plain vanilla expansion franchise Dorsey has put his foot in his mouth on a few occasions.

-He predicted the team would defeat the Green Bay Packers... they lost due to their own mistakes.

-With Dorsey claiming to be the “eternal optimistic” Sports Illustrated amped up the story that he expects the Browns to win the “black and blue” AFC North Division next season.

-In what could be called a case of sports world “bullying” he threw former Vice President for Football Operations Sashi Brown under the bus the very day he was hired, saying, among other things, that Sashi didn’t hire “real players.” This did little to build trust with current team members who were brought on by Brown and stats guru Paul Podesta, particularly since both men worked hard to amass the draft picks and cap space Dorsey will now get credit for using to build “his” version of the Browns.

-He didn’t deny rumors on multiple sports blogs to wit that he already had a new head coach in mind to replace coach Hue Jackson when he signed on with the Browns, even though owner Haslam made it clear that Jackson would coach the team next season.

Regardless of whether or not Dorsey has been drinking too much Cleveland Cool-Aid Jimmy Haslam’s choice to hire him is turning Cleveland’s front office drama into a real-life remake of “Draft Day,” the 2014 Hollywood spoof on the Browns in which the team owner sparks a conflict between his coach and the general manager by suggesting that the GM make a “big splash” by picking a big name quarterback in the upcoming NFL draft.

In what could be Jimmy Haslam’s big splash on draft day, major sports websites have hyping the fact that Dorsey has already met with Heisman winning quarterback Baker Mayfield six times.

But Dorsey, in spite of his talent scouting skills and winning ways, needs to convince Mayfield or any other big name gunslinger, that the Browns star-crossed team culture is no longer a cemetery for quarterbacks. Not even Jimmy Haslam’s money may be able to do that.

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