Powerful New Queer Video Game Deals With Love, Loss And Healing

"In the end, the game is about the value of opening your heart to others."

In 2014, we first wrote about a first-person video game in development that follows the aftermath of a queer man's sudden death and examines its impact on the lives of those closest to him. 

As of May 3, "Fragments of Him" is now available to play on PCs and will debut on Xbox One and PS4 later this year. The game offers a look into the memories and snapshots of the lives of four people: the victim, Will, his boyfriend, his ex-girlfriend and his grandmother.

Game-makers intend "Fragments of Him" to explore the process of grief and coming terms with the loss of someone deeply meaningful.

"In the end, the game is about the value of opening your heart to others," Narrative Designer Professor Mata Haggis told The Huffington Post. "Even though you risk yourself every time you put your heart on the line, it's worth it. I've poured so many of my own emotions into this game, I hope people feel some commonality with how love feels to them. I want players to finish the game and then hug someone, and tell them they love them. I want people to open up to each other. It would sound perfectly normal for a book, a film, or a play to have a message about accepting love into our lives, and sharing our love with others, but for video games this is an unusual message. We rarely finish a video game and feel uplifted, but I really think we might just manage it here."

Check out the trailer for "Fragments of Him above" or head here for more information