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'Fragments Of Him' Video Game Explores Queer Love And Loss

A dark and groundbreaking new video game is slated to hit the market this winter that follows the experiences of one man following the death of the love of his life.

A new take on queerness in video gaming, "Fragments of Him" has previously been available in a free, initial version that is reportedly "quite basic and linear." This new, full version is expected to expand further, with a look into the life of the deceased man, as well as allow the user to follow him on his final day. Designer Mata Haggis told Rock, Paper, Shotgun,

"There’s gonna be different gameplay mechanics in the final version –- not just removing objects. You’ll be progressing the story by making choices, too.The story will be slightly branching, but it’s still gonna have that same emotional journey if you go through it. Also each time you play through, you might get slightly different perspective –- slightly different lines of dialogue and whatnot. While it is a linear emotional journey, there are different ways to go along that path.”

Check out the trailer for "Fragments of Him" above or head here to read more.

(h/t Towleroad)

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