Fran Drescher Opens Up About What She's Looking For In A Man (VIDEO)

Fran Drescher has very specific -- and alliterative -- criteria for men she dates: they need to have the five S's.

"The five S's are smart, successful, sexy, single... and straight!" the 54-year-old divorcee joked on "The Talk" on Tuesday. Drescher's fifth 'S' was likely a reference to her ex-husband, Peter Marc Jacobson, who revealed that he was gay two years after the pair ended their 21-year marriage.

The former couple are now friends -- they even set each other up on dates -- and co-producers of the loosely autobiographical TV Land sitcom, "Happily Divorced."

Earlier this month, Drescher told CNN that she was "back on the meat market" after recently ending a three-and-a-half year relationship. But dating hasn't been easy, she said: "I do rely on setups and blind dates as a means for meeting people. I certainly can't go on Internet dating sites, so it makes it a little more difficult, coupled with the fact that I'm a celebrity. I wield power and have money, so my success can be threatening to a lot of men."

For more on Drescher's dating life, watch the video above.