Fran Drescher Slams 'Real Housewives Of New York'

Fran Drescher isn't a fan of reality TV. But now that her cousin, Aviva Drescher, has joined the new cast of the "Real Housewives of New York" Fran has found herself making an appearance on a show that she absolutely hates.

"I would never [do a reality show]," Fran told me on the set of my HDNet talk show "Naughty But Nice with Rob." "During the times that reality was so big, sitcoms were so not en vogue. 'We should do a reality show with you,' [I was told] and I said no. First of all, I don't like them. It appeals to the lowest common denominator. It's not really reality, because they have to have conflict in them to have people sitting there."

Although Drescher wouldn't mind being followed by cameras for a civil rights crusade or as a health advocate, she wouldn't appear as a "real housewife" of any city.

"I've never flipped a table in my life," Drescher said, laughing. "I'm scared to admit, but one of my cousins is one of the new 'Housewives' of New York and yesterday we had my book party at Dylan's Candy Bar. ... Well, I said hello and we talked a little bit."

I have a feeling there may be some tension at the Drescher family's holiday party.

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