Franca Sozzani, Editor Of Vogue Italia, Working On Second Africa Themed L'Uomo Vogue Issue

Our favorite diversity-loving editor Franca Sozzani revealed to that she plans on publishing a second Africa themed issue for L’Uomo Vogue that will hit newsstands in May or June.

The first L’Uomo issue devoted to African style which was released in November 2008 proved to be a huge success--it followed Vogue Italia's ground-breaking "Black Issue" from July of that same year.

This time around Sozzani explains the issue will be about more then just fashion:

“It will be about the presidents, it will be about the people. But in a very positive way. I don’t want to say in a glamourous way, but I wanted to show the best side, but only the good side. There are a lot of talents, a lot of talented people in art, in music, in cinema and everywhere. So I really wanted to push that side.”

Perhaps it was her recent trip to Ghana, where she mentored young designers, that has Sozzani's creative juices flowing for Africa again.

Whatever the motivation, we're excited to see yet another issue of Vogue devoted to showcasing the continent's often unseen and unspoken strengths in style and beyond.

L'Uomo Vogue Africa Issue, November 2008