Franca Sozzani, Editor Of Vogue Italia, Mentors African Designers In Ghana

When Franca Sozzani, editor of Vogue Italia, visited the Huffington Post offices last month she revealed that her proudest professional moment was publishing the "Black Issue," which helped promote diversity in the fashion industry.

Well, she continued that campaign with a trip to the African country of Ghana to mentor a group of designers from the WEB-Young Designers Hub.

While in the country, the group hosted a private fashion presentation in Sozzani's honor to showoff their dazzling designs. There are a few videos of the trip on Vogue Italia's website and Sozzani can't stop taking pictures of all the colorful designs. The Vogue editrix was clearly impressed. She even praised the group for their superior work, telling them:

"You have lots of potential in this country. During my stay in Africa, I visited Togo and Nigeria but it was only here in Ghana I noted an authentic sense of fashion."

She also offered some advice on gaining International recognition for their budding collections.

"In designing your creations, make sure that they feature not only references to Ghanaian culture but also have an international appeal so that your garments can also be successful also abroad."

African-inspired clothing has become quite popular with high-end brands like Burberry being drawn to the aesthetic. So, we hope the creations from these talented Ghanaians designers make it onto the pages of Vogue Italia...and the clothing racks of some major retailers. There is certainly need (and room) for more fashion designers of color in the market.

Visit the Vogue Italia website to view videos from Sozzani's trip.