Franca Sozzani Sort Of Reveals What Vogue EICs Talk About

What Do Vogue Editors-In-Chief Talk About?

"What do editors-in-chief from the world's editions of Vogue talk about when they meet?" posed Franca Sozzani, the outspoken editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, on the magazine's website today:

Do we talk with each other? Of course we do, yet in total autonomy regarding the decisions and lines we want to follow for our magazines. Are we competitive? Yes, of course we are. And the fact that Italy is number one is great, also in consideration of how small is our country if compared to others.

Sozzani writes that there exists a healthy amount of competition between the multiple international editions of Vogue, although at the end of the day each magazine sticks to its own market and does its own thing. The differences are also reflected online:

"In China Facebook is blacked out by the government therefore Twitter is the only social network: everybody has hundreds of thousands of tweets and followers. In Italy, like almost everywhere, Facebook is stronger that all the twitters, while in France the Twitter phenomenon is exponential. So, while the Editors of Vogue China, Korea and Taiwan tweet, I write my daily post."

Ah, but what of the US? What juicy details can Franca reveal about Ms. Wintour? Apparently, the editrix with the famously icy temperament keeps some distance from her fellow EICs, as Franca hints at the beginning of the post:

"I'm in Istanbul attending the biennial meeting with the world's Editors-in-Chief (America excepted)..."

Where, oh, where could Anna be?

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