France Soccer Team Opens Up About The Significance Of Tuesday’s Match

"Sport is a way of uniting people."

On Tuesday, the France national soccer team will play its first game since the tragic attacks in Paris last week. The friendly between France and England at London's Wembley Stadium technically holds little significance for the two teams involved, but the French team no doubt feels they are playing for something larger than themselves.

In a press conference on Monday, France soccer captain Hugo Lloris and manager Didier Deschamps spoke about what the match means for both the team and the country they represent. France was playing a friendly match against Germany on Friday at the Stade de France when multiple explosions were heard outside the stadium. It was later learned that the terrorists detonated a bomb after they were refused entry.

"The only power we have is to play football, [to] try to escape people [for] one hour-30, during the game," Lloris said in the press conference.

The France national soccer team will seek to provide a momentary escape from tragedy, similar to what many sports teams did for the United States after Sept. 11.

Deschamps also spoke about the importance of the match and the greater good sports can do.

"Sport is a way of uniting people," he said. "Sport represents a union of diversity."

BBC reported that England Football Association offered France the option to cancel the friendly in light of the attacks, but all 23 players from the French team declined.

The match will take place at London's Wembley Stadium at 3 p.m. EST.


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