Frances Bean Cobain Is The Spitting Image Of Her Late Father Kurt Cobain (PHOTOS)

Frances Bean Is The Spitting Image Of Her Late Father Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain died in 1994, but his signature style lives on in his daughter Frances Bean Cobain.

The 20-year-old was spotted in Los Angeles last week rocking messy pink hair -- a look that was often favored by her father. Dressed in an Iron Maiden t-shirt, tight black jeans and lace-up boots, Frances would have fit in perfectly back in Nirvana's heyday.

frances bean cobain kurt cobain

Frances, who is estranged from her mother Courtney Love, is engaged to The Rambles' lead singer, Isaiah Silva, who -- strangely enough -- also bears a striking resemblance to Kurt Cobain, though she doesn't agree.

In December, Frances tweeted a photo of herself and Silva and wrote that he looked like a Disney prince, to which a fan responded, "no but he does look like your father."

The budding artist apparently just doesn't see the resemblance, and wrote back:

"Other than having blue eyes & long hair they look nothing alike. he looks like a Disney prince who doesn't bathe #dreamy."

We have to say, we definitely see the resemblance:


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