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11 Sculptures Of Sagging Skin To Counteract All Those Airbrushed Photos (NSFW)


Warning: This post may contain images that are graphic to some.

Usually when we lay eyes on human flesh that doesn't belong to ourselves, a loved one or a cohabitant of a gym locker room, the flesh is of the airbrushed variety, resembling the plastic that encases Barbie dolls or animated characters. Needless to say, it's not quite the same texture that we notice hanging off ourselves before we hop in the shower.

That's why we're digging the surreal sag of Francesco Albano's fleshy sculptures. Even though Albano's vision of human flesh feels like something we'd see in "Pan's Labyrinth," there is something strangely lifelike about its many scrunches and folds. The eerie sculptures feature skin peeled free from the bone, folding in on itself, hanging in the breeze and melting over random pieces of furniture. Simultaneously horrific and -- dare we say -- graceful, the sculptures capture the many guises of skin, all the while retaining a semblance of human fleshiness.

Check out Albano's skincentric sculptures below, which transform our banal bodysuits into a glorious labyrinth of cellulite and wrinkles. Monstrous, animal and human, the works prove that skin is at its most fascinating when delivered raw.






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