Video Blogger Franchesca Ramsey Perfectly Explains How To Be An Ally

5 Ways To Be An Ally To A Community You're Not A Part Of

On December 3, it was announced that an NYPD officer would not be indicted for placing an unarmed African-American man named Eric Garner in a chokehold, causing his death. After the news broke, people peacefully protested in dozens of cities including New York, Seattle, D.C., Detroit and Chicago.

The deeply upsetting cases of Eric Garner and Michael Brown have set off a wave of anger across the country, and made many people -- of all races -- want to take action. But how can a person who isn't a part of an oppressed or grieving community be a good ally? A new video from vlogger Franchesca Ramsey details how to do just that.

From race or ethnicity to sex, gender identity and countless other indicators, privilege pertains simply to the "things in life you will not experience or have to think about just because of who you are," Ramsay explains.

Ramsey runs through five key guidelines for allyship:

1. Understand your privilege.
2. Listen and do your homework.
3. Speak up, not over.
4. You'll make mistakes, apologize when you do.
5. Ally is a verb -- saying you're an ally is not enough.

Watch the full video above to learn more.

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