James Franco Teaches Art Class At PS1; Collaboration With Gus Van Sant

James Franco is kind of a high-low guy. He's in a remake of "Planet of The Apes" with bigwig John Lithgow and earlier this week he announced he's rejoining the cast of "General Hospital." He always keeps us on our toes.

The modern day renaissance man can seemingly do anything (except, maybe, host an awards show), and now Franco is adding art teacher to his already laughably long resume.

New York's MoMA PS1 will present a collaboration between Franco, "Milk" director Gus Van Sant and RISD professor Francisco J. Ricardo. The museum will host master classes offering a seminar-style discussion on "contemporary practice with artists, authors, musicians, curators, theorists and scholars." This is kind of every liberal arts girl's fantasy: a round table discussion with James Franco talking about art and wearing a tweed jacket.

Franco's work will also be on display. His film, "My Own Private River," is recut version of Van Sant's "My Own Private Idaho," which features River Phoenix.

The film will be on replay during museum hours -- we'd have it no other way, Professor.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated that Franco and Van Sant were leading the class; in fact Franco is co-teaching it with Ricardo, a media theorist, teacher in the Digital + Media Department of the Rhode Island School of Design.