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Are Frank Lloyd Wright-Designed Houses More Hassle Than They're Worth? (VIDEO)

Frank Lloyd Wright is arguably the one of the greatest American architects. He is known for creating residences marked by free-flowing spaces and walls of glass. Currently 20 of the houses that he designed are up for sale in the US. But before you get excited, you should know that there are strings attached to some of these residences -- and they are expensive.

For instance, the Bachman Wilson house in New Jersey is for sale. Located near a river, the home has flooded more than once. At one point, a flood brought more than six feet of water in the abode. As a result, the couple that is selling it has attached a caveat: The buyers must move it to an appropriate location.

If you thought moving was a hassle, imagine this: The home must be deconstructed, moved and then reconstructed for a total cost of more than $2.5 million. Moreover, Wright's designs aren't known for storage; the famed architect believed that garages, basements and attics were wastes of space.

Check out the video above for more on what goes into purchasing a piece of architectural history.

Look inside this Chicago home designed by the famed architect:

George Blossom Frank Lloyd Wright House

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