Frank And Derol 'Barely Love You Too': It's Miley Cyrus' Older Sister Brandi's Time To Shine (AUDIO)

The Cyrus family may be this generation's version of the Von Trapps, only slightly more lo-fi and instaglam. Not only is Miley Cyrus a chart-topping superstar, but her older brother Trace Cyrus is also a tatted-up rocker. Now, older sister Brandi Cyrus has a new song and -- surprise! -- it's actually pretty great.

Together with her friend Codi Caraco, the pop duo, who go by the name Frank + Derol, signed with Interscope Records and are currently working on their debut EP. If the album sounds anything like the pair's first single, "Barely Love You Too," then we doubt big sis Brandi will have any trouble stepping out of Miley's shadow.

The track boasts sweet melodies, a simple production and lovesick lyrics. "Stop these games/ You got me feeling like I'm so insane/ You know I'd tell you but I feel restrain/ Is it safe enough to say/ Remind me, qu'est-ce que c'est?/ I barely love you, too," the girls harmonize in the chorus.

Frank + Derol's debut EP will be released in September, with a full-length studio album planned for 2013. Listen to "Barely Love You Too."

Miley Cyrus
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