A-Sides Premiere: Frank + Derol's 'Barely Love You Too' Lyric Video

Sometimes in life dreams aren't going to come true. I'm clearly not in Jamaica as I write this, and the last time I checked, Kanye hasn't invited me to party with him in Miami. But, thankfully, there's music in the world and it makes life so much more tolerable -- especially on a lame Monday mid-day. Today, I'm psyched to premiere a lyrics music video to a new duo in the indie pop scene, who I suspect will break out like a kid before an Oxy commercial any time now.

Like Sleigh Bells but lighter, Matt & Kim but less quirky, and absolutely nothing like these chicks
(I do miss them), Frank + Derol are a twosome breaking through to the mainstream.
The indie pop tag team consists of Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus (yes, Miley's older sis), who met five years ago, and started making music together shortly thereafter. The culmination of their collaboration and friendship just dropped this fall in the form of a debut EP.

have a full-length album due early next year, but until then watch this, and read along.
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