Frank Gehry's Spruce 8 NY Tower Will Not Be Seeking LEED

Is The Tallest Residential Building In The West Eco-Friendly?

Iconic starchitect Frank Gehry's new building at 8 Spruce Street (a.k.a. the tower formerly known as Beekman Tower) has opened to much fanfare and buzz from NY architecture critics. At 76-stories high, "New York by Gehry" is the tallest residential building in the western hemisphere, and some (a.k.a. Nick Ourousoff from the New York Times) are even calling it the best skyscraper since the 1960s. Seriously. We're not exactly sure why everyone is so gaga over an overly-designed tower that looks like it is melting (why?). But knowing Gehry's mixed feelings towards the LEED system, we had to wonder if 8 Spruce would be shooting for LEED certification.

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