Frank Lautenburg: Chris Christie A Bully, 'Abusive To Women' (VIDEO)

U.S. Senator: Chris Christie Is 'Abusive To Women'

Sen. Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) appeared on "Hardball with Chris Matthews" Friday to discuss speculation surrounding the possibility the Republican governor of his state, Chris Christie, could run for president.

Matthews asked Lautenberg to weigh in with his personal thoughts of Christie on the program.

"He calls people names freely, he's abusive to women, he called one a jerk, another one a liar, another needed a baseball bat brought to her. That’s not the kind of language we wanna hear from someone who’s gonna try to bring the country together," he said.

Lautenberg and Christie reportedly don't have much of a relationship. The New York Times recently asked the senior New Jersey senator when the last time the two had a conversation since touring areas damaged by Hurricane Irene with President Obama and New Jersey's other senator, Robert Menendez. "We haven't talked, other than just bumping into one another. We’ve never had a serious conversation about New Jersey’s needs. Never."

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