Frank Ocean Sends Twitter Into A Frenzy After Releasing New Album, 'Blond'

"This ain't album of the year it's ALBUM OF THE LIFE."
No big deal, Frank Ocean just dropped his new album.
No big deal, Frank Ocean just dropped his new album.
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Just one day after releasing his stunning short film “Endless,” Frank Ocean has delivered what his fans have been waiting for: a new full-length album.

Titled “Blond” (or “Blonde” according to Apple Music), the album was released on Saturday after a video for the hip-hop artist’s song “Nikes” was unveiled online. The artist also distributed copies of his zine, Boys Don’t Cry, at four pop-up shops on Saturday. According to Rolling Stone, the magazines included copies of “Blond” that feature a different tracklist than the version on Apple Music. (He did tell us he had “two versions ... twooo versions…”)

Fans had some warning that a full album might drop this weekend thanks to Apple Music. A rep for the company released a statement to The New York Times that said fans should “keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank.

“Keep an eye out” is exactly what everyone did. As soon as the album dropped, fans on Twitter completely lost it. And even though they may have thought they were ready, they most definitely were not.

After the release, Ocean took to Tumblr to thank his fans for essentially holding him accountable on his promise to finish the album.

We love you too, Frank Ocean.

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