Frank Rich Thinks Hillary Could Lose In 2016: 'She's Her Own Worst Enemy'

Frank Rich: Hillary Clinton Is 'Her Own Worst Enemy'

Frank Rich isn't holding his breath for a Hillary Clinton presidential victory in 2016.

The former secretary of state could be "potentially a problem for the Democratic Party," Rich told HuffPost Live on Thursday, "because I think she could lose."

"She's her own worst enemy," he explained, because "she gets very defensive. She's not good with the press."

"She has reasons, of course, to be insecure with the press," Rich said. "But people don't really change, and she's been so fixed as a public personality for so many years, it almost would be weird if she changed to some huge degree. So I have a feeling this is what we're gonna get."

Although Democrats have every reason to expect a win in 2016, considering "the bounce-back of the economy and Obama's rise in popularity," Rich said it's very possible a more compelling candidate could spring from the Republican Party at any moment.

"Even though collectively we laugh about a lot of the Republican field, the fact is one of these people could emerge as a strong candidate after the primaries and will be younger and possibly a more adept politician. And if it's not Jeb Bush, [it could be] someone fresh," the New York magazine columnist theorized. "And that could be a problem."

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