This Wild 'House Of Cards' Theory Actually Makes Sense

You'll never see Frank Underwood the same way again.

The Internet is at it again with another far-fetched fan theory, except this one actually kind of makes sense. And since the new season of "House of Cards" premieres March 4 on Netflix, we couldn't resist sharing it.

Frank Underwood is actually a delusional patient staying in a hospital.

Sounds very "Sixth Sense" and unlikely, but hear us out. After all, fictional shows are all about suspension of disbelief, right? James Watson, a blogger featured on Tin Foil Fan Theories, hypothesizes that throughout the past three seasons there have been subtle hints that the entire show's plot is a mere figment of Frank's wild and delusional imagination. Yes, we agree the whole "it was all a dream" explanation is often a cheap cop-out, but we can't help but find this blogger's explanation fascinating.

Let's break this thing down.

The theory suggests that Frank suffers from some kind of mental disorder that causes him to hallucinate. Frank often speaks in asides to the camera. These private asides could be him describing his feelings to a psychiatrist. That's a bit of a stretch, but if Frank is simply talking to himself, that could also be taken as a sign of a possible mental disorder. When Frank's psychosis gets worse, he's checked into a hospital, which is where the show takes place.

What about the White House?

Since "House of Cards" is largely narrated from Frank's perspective, the theory suggests we view everything as Frank sees it. In other words, if Frank is hallucinating, we see his hallucinations. The mental hospital, in this case, is seen as Frank's hallucination of the White House.

What about when Frank is abroad?

This where it gets a little tricky, but the theory proposes a possible explanation for this:

The Russian president, Viktor Petrov, is a doctor from another hospital. He initially meets Frank and Claire in their hospital ("the White House") and then they are briefly sent to his own hospital ("Russia" and later "the Middle East").

What about Claire?

Claire is another patient, checked into the same hospital. It's argued that the reason she and Frank smoke together in secret is because smoking is banned in the hospital so they cannot be detected.

And what about Stamper, Meechum and Russo?

"Doug Stamper is a recovering alcoholic and also delusional patient," the theory posits. The same explanation is given for Peter Russo. Then there's Edward Meechum, whom the theory suggests is "suffering from PTSD after serving in the Marines."

Still not convinced?

We're not sure where we stand either, but this is certainly an interesting take on the show. You can also read the entire fan theory's breakdown and decide for yourself.

Well, the only thing we know for certain is that we can't wait for Season 4 of "House of Cards" to be on Netflix so we can watch it all weekend long. Who's with us?


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