Frankie J. Alvarez Knows You Don't Like His Character On 'Looking'

Frankie J. Alvarez knows you don’t like Agustin, the character he plays on Looking, HBO’s half-hour dramedy about a trio of San Francisco-based gay besties (Jonathan Groff, Murray Bartlett and Alvarez). While viewers focused their positive attention on the love triangle between Patrick (Groff), Kevin (Russell Tovey) and Richie (Raúl Castillo), much of their scorn was directed at Alvarez’s character, an often-misguided struggling artist. Alvarez understands why. During season one Agustin tricked his boyfriend Frank into having sex with a hooker, accused Patrick of slumming with Richie and generally caused everyone close to him no end of misery. It was almost cathartic to witness Frank give him his walking papers in the season one finale. But change might be in the air for Agustin. Season two (premiering on HBO January 11) will introduce an unexpected new love interest — a bear named Eddie (played by Mean Girl‘s Daniel Franzese) — who will presumably call him out on his sometimes aberrant behavior. Alvarez chatted with Queerty about why viewers are challenged by his character, shopping at sex stores with his costars and how the series will address HIV prevention.