Frankie Jonas Teases Brother Joe With Cheeky Taylor Swift Couple Costume

Complete with purity rings.

Frankie Jonas channeled Taylor Swift-era Joe Jonas for Halloween this year ― purity ring and all.

Frankie, the younger brother of the former Jonas Brothers trio, dressed up as his brother, while his girlfriend, Anna Olson, got dolled up as the singer’s ex.

Joe and Swift dated briefly in 2008, but Swift revealed the relationship ended after Joe broke things off via a 27-second phone call.

While Swift never wore a purity ring, Joe and his brothers Kevin and Nick famously did during their early career as Disney stars, symbolizing their pledge to “stay pure until marriage.” In Frankie’s post, one picture showed him and Olson holding hands with rings on, with the caption: “Matching Purity rings XOXO.”

In another in-costume video posted on Frankie’s TikTok page, the influencer joked that he was “fighting off the horny celibate teens as Joe and Taylor from the 3D movie.”

The Jonas Brothers ditched the rings in their 20s.

“Purity rings were to wait for the right person, when the time was right. And here’s the catch,” Joe explained in a 2019 interview. “When you’re like 12 and you do that, because we grew up in a church and our dad was a pastor, so it kind of just came natural for everyone we grew up with to go through this.”

“When you’re about 15, 16, and start dating, and you go, ‘Wait a minute. What did I say I was gonna do?’” he added.

Joe is now married to “Game of Thrones” star Sophie Turner. They welcomed their second child this year.

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