Frans Hofmeester, Filmmaker, Films Daughter For 12 Years, Makes Time-Lapse Video

WATCH: Girl Transforms From Baby To 12-Year-Old In Three Minutes

Seize every single moment. Parents hear it all the time, but HuffPost blogger Glennon Melton turned the Carpe Diem order on its head when she said its not possible to do with little kids. Now, filmmaker Frans Hofmeester has found a loophole. By shooting footage of his kids every day, as Gawker points out most dads are wont to do, and then stringing them together in two remarkable time-lapse videos, he has (quite literally) seized the moments.

Much like the pregnancy time-lapse project that went viral in March, Hofmeester's footage of his now 14-year-old daughter Lotte from birth to 12-years-old is already reaching the far corners of the Internet, with his video of son Vince growing up right behind it. Watch both clips below along with more time-lapse videos that show how much kids change while always remaining mommy and daddy's little baby.

And you thought your kids grew up fast.

(h/t Gawker)

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