'Frasier' Reboot News Sends Fans Into Plot-Generating Meltdown

"Frasier and Roz start a podcast network, 'The Fraz,' but they run into financial trouble because Frasier is ethically opposed to doing Squarespace ads."

Frasier” fans are freaking out at the comedy’s possible return to television, and they’re already imagining how a reboot would play out.

Deadline broke the news Wednesday that the sitcom’s star and executive producer, Kelsey Grammer, was scoping out pitch ideas from writers. The show’s development may only be in the “exploratory stage” but that didn’t deter Twitter users from coming up with their own plotlines.

Some suggested Grammer, who played psychiatrist and radio host Frasier Crane, should take on a more fantastical guise:

Others published scripts and treatments they’d previously penned for the show:

One thought it could spawn a new video game:

Twitter user Peter Miller, meanwhile, really got into the spirit with several ideas:

For others, however, it was just a sad reminder that any reboot wouldn’t feature the late John Mahoney as Frasier’s father, Martin Crane.