21 Powerful Statements Against Sexual Assault From Fraternities At Indiana University

21 Powerful Statements From Fraternities Standing Against Sexual Assault

Young men were challenged last week by President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden to take a stand against sexual violence and work to stop it wherever it occurs.

The men in fraternities at Indiana University have responded with 21 statements pledging to work against sexual assault.

The Sexual Assault Crisis Service Office at IU working with others on campus asked all fraternities at IU to take a stand against sexual assault, and what they got was 21 statements from the chapters declaring the brothers in each house would work to prevent sexual violence and hold brothers accountable who do assault others. Those statements were all provided to The Huffington Post and are being printed below.

Read the 21 statements from Indiana University fraternities against sexual assault, in alphabetical order by fraternity name:

Alpha Sigma Phi
The men of Alpha Sigma Phi exemplify positive and appropriative behavior towards women. In addition to giving presentations on sexual assault prevention and how to appropriately behave during social events, Alpha Sigma Phi is also a national partner with RAINN (The Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network). This partnership has educated our men on appropriate behavior and has equated to a safe, responsible chapter. Our men hold the highest standards of a sexual assault free environment, but also work towards fighting social assault outside of the chapter. We frequent the Middleway House, a national partner of RAINN, to be positive role models for children of families that have faced abuse. Much of our member base includes present and past RAs that understand the fundamental elements of sexual assault prevention and have worked to turn our gentleman into the respectable group that we are today. With an informative risk manager and standards board, educated gentlemen, and positive social involvement; Alpha Sigma Phi, Gamma Chi, effectively combats sexual assault in and beyond the walls of our chapter.

Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Alpha Chapter
The men of Alpha Tau Omega solemnly swear to take a stance against all forms of sexual assault in our chapter, community, and society. Sexual assault is an important issue that is commonly overlooked by many and, as a result, is a growing problem in our country. As members of Alpha Tau Omega, we will not be ignorant to this issue, but instead, will strive to foster an environment that is safe for all men and women. Alpha Tau Omega is known nationally as a leadership fraternity and we will use our fraternity’s innate morals, values, and teachings as guidance to stop the increasing trend of sexual assault in our community. Our goal is to educate both current and future members of our chapter about the dangers of sexual harassment and to offer our brotherhood to those whose values align with those of Alpha Tau Omega. Any brothers who do not hold true to our teachings and values on this issue will be immediately removed from our brotherhood in an attempt to ensure the safety of our sisters and friends here at Indiana University.

Beta Sigma Psi
Sexual assaults have become one of the most prominent problems facing universities across the nation and Indiana University is no exception. The gentlemen of Beta Sigma Psi will not tolerate or condone any behavior that could possibly be considered sexual assault, and we will do everything in our power to stop this despicable, national trend. As a Lutheran fraternity, the Bible is a valuable resource in guiding our behavior and showing us when we do wrong. The Bible and Christian faith preach love, kindness, and unselfishness. Any act of sexual assault clearly goes against all three of these traits. Sexual assaults are a selfish act done based on power and aggression rather than love and kindness. We will promote a culture that is free of sexual assault, and we challenge the rest of the Indiana University community to do the same. Our hope and goal is to make the Indiana University Greek community a welcoming one through the elimination of sexual assault.

Beta Theta Pi
Sexual assault has presented itself as a major issue throughout the country and specifically on our campus at Indiana University. The men of the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity are committed to living as “men of principle” and upholding our values of mutual assistance, intellectual growth, trust, responsible conduct, and integrity. Our chapter does not and will not tolerate any acts of sexual assault by our members. We hold ourselves to a high standard on this campus and are committed to fostering a safe and respectful environment for our brothers, our guests, and all those we have interactions with. Actions of sexual assault, in any form, go against our core values and are harshly punishable by expulsion from the chapter. Our fraternity, alongside the entire IU Greek Community, pledges to support all campaigns against sexual assault on our campus and in our country. We believe that we can create a safe environment at Indiana University that prepares our members to live a “principled life."

Delta Chi
Sexual assault is a criminal and cowardly act. The men of Delta Chi are committed to preserving a safe and responsible environment at Indiana University and will not tolerate sexual assault of any kind. We are prepared to fully cooperate with the university and other authorities to ensure those who commit sexual assault are met with the full weight of the law and properly punished, as well as assist in preventing these offenses by raising awareness and educating the members in our chapter. The Greek community has the capability of influencing positive change. By holding ourselves accountable and standing together we can minimize acts of sexual assault at Indiana University.

Delta Upsilon
Our chapter understands the problem of sexual assault on this campus as well as campuses across the country. We, the men of Delta Upsilon, have done our part to combat the aggressive behavior that causes sexual assault through education of our members, accountability for everyone in the chapter, and creating a safe atmosphere in our house. This all starts with the leadership of the house and setting a good example; we believe if the Executive Board can set the rules for what is considered “too far” and if any brother exceeds this limit, they will be removed from membership. This being said, it is all about being accountable, and if the Greek community can do just that, then we can foster a safe environment across campus and destroy this problem from the root.

Kappa Delta Rho
The men of Kappa Delta Rho in no shape or form condone or tolerate any sort of sexual assault or violence against any person, women, men, bisexual, transgendered, intersex, or any other form of sexual preference. Should we discover that a member of our order commits sexual assault or a hate crime on the basis of sex, race, religion, creed or sexual orientation we will deal with them in manners including but not limited to expulsion from Kappa Delta Rho and reporting them to the University administration.

Lambda Chi Alpha
An incredibly pressing issue on college campuses around the nation is sexual assault. The men of Lambda Chi Alpha at Indiana University will not tolerate any type of sexual assault and will strive to continue to foster an environment where students and guests of Indiana University can feel safe to gather and express their ideas and beliefs. Our alumni and active members hold each other to our stated seven core values in our constitution and will act swiftly if any member would break any of these seven core values, which includes the value of respect. We believe that all of the fraternities and student organizations at Indiana University can work together to increase the awareness and education of sexual assault and seek to end this problem that is effecting so many on our college campus.

Phi Delta Theta
With moral rectitude being a cardinal principle of Phi Delta Theta, we will not tolerate sexual assault or sexual harassment of any kind. This is an issue that many universities across America are facing and here at Indiana University, it is important that large organizations, such as our own, come together to work to put an end to this completely unacceptable behavior in our community. The Indiana Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Theta here at Indiana University holds a zero tolerance policy in regards to sexual assault and or sexual harassment. Furthermore, any member who might partake in such a behavior will be immediately asked to disaffiliate from our chapter. Through new member education and sending other members to various speakers and programs, Phi Delta Theta is committed to do our part in eliminating sexual assault and sexual harassment from our campus.

Phi Kappa Psi
1 of every 6 American women has been the victim of an attempted or completed rape in their lifetime. 80% of the victims are under the age of 30 and 2/3 of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim. Sexual assault is an evident problem not only on the Indiana University campus but all around the country. The gentlemen of Phi Kappa Psi take this problem very seriously and will absolutely not tolerate any such immature and repulsive behavior. The Indiana-Beta chapter of Phi Psi promotes a benign environment for all men and women and works closely with Indiana University and the Student Life and Learning Center to educate and ensure a culture exists free of sexual assault within the chapter. We believe every member of the Indiana University Greek Community should hold their members to only the highest standards through the education, practice, and promotion of safe and responsible behavior and environments. With the entire Greek Community collaborating together on this very serious issue, sexual assaults at Indiana University will not only be reduced but eventually eliminated all-together.

Phi Kappa Sigma
The men of Phi Kappa Sigma adamantly oppose all behavior and attitudes that endanger women or men sexually, be it physical, mental, or emotional, and will not tolerate any violation of our laws or values. We support all efforts to prevent sexual assault, and are fully invested in helping make our campus a safer environment. Our chapter actively and routinely educates our members on the prevention of sexual assault, aligning with the expectations of Indiana University, the Student Life and Living Learning Center, our Fraternity, and society. We seek to play a prominent role in the cultural change that is necessary to eliminate sexual assault. Together, as one brotherhood, alongside an entire community, we can help create a future where women and men are safe from this senseless crime.

Pi Kappa Alpha
Sexual assault is an abominable crime that the gentlemen of Pi Kappa Alpha have not and will not tolerate in any expanse. Sexual assault can come in many forms beyond the physical, and we maintain a standard of perfection in upholding our beliefs against it. We actively educate our members, new and old, on how to spot it, and how to stop it when witnessed. Should a member of our organization be convicted of committing such an act, he will be removed from our ranks immediately. Those who share our company will relish an environment that condemns sexual assault and sexist actions or beliefs. We hold in the highest regard the laws of the university, the laws of our national fraternity, and the laws of the land and preach it to all those affiliated with us in an attempt to eliminate sexual assault from our beautiful campus.

Pi Kappa Phi
Sexual assault is a chronic problem for college campuses around the country, Indiana University included. The brothers of Pi Kappa Phi have established standards in order to help eliminate sexual assault on Indiana University’s campus. Brothers of this fraternity do not stand for and will not tolerate any aggressive sexual behavior, whether the abuse physical, mental, or emotional. As a chapter, we have deemed that any brother to violate these expectations will be removed from the chapter immediately. As a brotherhood, we look to create a safe environment for all guests, and any brother that violates these policies does not share Pi Kappa Phi’s attitude toward sexual harassment. We shall strive to exceed the expectations of Indiana University and the Student Life and Living Learning Center. We will continue to promote our ideals that sexual assault is unacceptable in any form, regardless if it happens within our chapter’s walls. We strive to instill these ideas in our new members and upcoming associate classes as something we are passionate about fighting. Pi Kappa Phi strongly believes that there are no exceptions to these standards and that not only should our chapter be held to them, but the Indiana Greek Community & Indiana University as a whole should as well. As a chapter we believe that by upholding and promoting these standards we can help Indiana University take one step further in the elimination of sexual assault on and off campus.

Sigma Alpha Epsilon
The men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon do not tolerate sexist or unwanted physical, mental, or emotional sexual behavior. As the men of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, we hold ourselves to the standard of The True Gentleman. “The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety,” and the man “whose deed follows his word.” Therefore, if a brother does not uphold this expectation, his conduct is deemed unbecoming of a True Gentleman, making immediate expulsion from the fraternity necessary. As a chapter, it is our goal to facilitate an environment that is free of sexual assault. To achieve this aim, we educate all of our members in the ideals of the True Gentleman, which are conducive to the expectations of the Student Life and Living Learning Center and Indiana University. Sigma Alpha Epsilon sets a positive example for the Greek Community and all students at Indiana University, as we expect our members to hold all those inside and outside of our chapter to the True Gentleman standard. With this effort, we can begin to eradicate sexual assault at Indiana University.

Sigma Alpha Mu
Sexual assault is an issue that is horribly misunderstood throughout the nation. In order to further education and awareness, the men of Sigma Alpha Mu strive to maintain an environment free of its terrors. We understand that sexual assault also often results in mental and emotional distress. As a chapter we are committed to eliminating the potential for such atrocities in all areas of our brotherhood. We hold our brothers to the highest expectations and they understand that they play an active role in avoiding such crime. It is important that the entire Indiana Greek Community supports these ideals and strives to eliminate sexual assault from the entirety of Indiana University.

Sigma Chi
The men of Sigma Chi Fraternity are expected to honor the values stated in the Jordan Standard in all of their actions. With regards to respecting women, four of the values become relevant. Those are being “A man of good character...Possessed of good morals...Having a high sense of honor and A deep sense of personal responsibility.” The brothers of Sigma Chi should possess these four qualities and act as such when interacting with women. If it is apparent that a brother disregards the standards we hold each member to, his membership in Sigma Chi will be reevaluated. By holding each member to this high standard, we are acting in line with the values with which our fraternity was founded.

Sigma Phi Beta
Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity holds its members to a high and respectful regard. Therefore, this brotherhood does not condone nor does it tolerate mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual sexual misconduct. This includes discrimination towards identity in respect to sex, sexual orientation, gender expression, sexual conduct, or therefore lack of such identification in any regards between any individuals, including Brothers. A violation of sexual conduct includes but not limited to lack of consent, unable to consent, harm in any fashion that is unwarranted, and any other situation that breaks the seal of consent. The purpose of Sigma Phi Beta Fraternity is to house a safe space for all individuals, and if anyone violates this safe space, then they will be removed from the brotherhood and the fraternity. As fellow Greek members of IU, we urge for all Greek and Non-Greek organizations to take a stand against all forms of sexual assault. Forming this alliance will show everyone that sexual assault is not right and will not be tolerated.

Sigma Pi
The men of Sigma Pi Fraternity recognize that sexual assault is a prominent issue for many universities nationwide, including Indiana University. We at Sigma Pi will not tolerate sexual assault of any kind and vow to terminate the membership of any brother who fails to comply with this belief.

Tau Kappa Epsilon
Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment remain one of the major problems that are faced by all universities in the nation and around the world. Indiana University is not immune from these horrible actions and the men of the Gamma Kappa Chapter of the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity recognize this. The Gamma Kappa chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon does not tolerate any form of sexual aggression. We pride ourselves on being better men in pursuit of a better world and understand that sexual assault and sexual harassment can only hold that dream back. There is no place in our chapter for any man who commits any action that is sexually aggressive toward any other member of our society. Our chapter hopes to work to foster an environment of caring, understanding, and responsibility and take a leading role in eliminating sexually aggressive actions from the campus of Indiana University. We expect all other Greek organizations along with all general members of the Indiana University family to take these beliefs to heart and work to promote them in their own lives. With all of our combined efforts, the Gamma Kappa Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon hopes to one day see the campus of Indiana University free of all sexual assault and harassment.

Theta Chi Fraternity
Sexual assault continues to be a serious issue throughout campuses nationwide, and Indiana University is no different. The Brothers of Theta Chi Fraternity will never condone nor tolerate any such behavior including, but not limited to, physical, mental, emotional assault; unnecessary aggressive behavior; sexist behavior, and any inappropriate and uncomfortable actions. Any of these inappropriate engagements will not be tolerated by the standards we uphold as Men of Theta Chi Fraternity; any member who performs any such actions will be removed immediately. We will continue to follow these beliefs; we will support sexual assault prevention and a culture that does not tolerate any actions degrading or harming any member of the same or opposite sex. It is our job as a part of the Greek Community to challenge sexual assault and it is our job as the Greek Community of Indiana University to continue the effort to put an end to sexual assault campus wide.

Theta Delta Chi
We here at Theta Delta Chi respect our name too much to allow any of our members to take part in any sort of sexual assault on or off campus. As a smaller house, it will be much easier to manage this claim to ensure it is seen through. Because we will not need to spend as much time focusing on each other, we will be able to spend more time ensuring we don't see other people, Greek or not, using any sort of attacks at another individual or group of individuals. This sort of behavior will not be tolerated within the house or outside of it, and actions will be taken to enforce our policy.

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