D.C. Band Frau Eva Creates Unique Leafy Digital Portal For Its Music

WASHINGTON -- Local indie dream pop band Frau Eva has created a one-of-a-kind digital world to showcase its music. The digital version of the D.C. act's fusion of multiple genres launched this week and presents a new way for the band's fans to experience its music.

Since the popularization of MySpace in the mid 2000s, originally crafted band websites have been more of an exception than the rule. As long as a band or individual artist has had a Bandcamp or Tumblr page, there's been little reason to spend money hiring a developer to create something one of a kind. What can be a fun fan experience tends to be a formulaic landing page for basic info.

Band member Dave Klinger had never created a website before. It may be why his creation is different enough to make the band's page something that folks will visit more than once.

The experience opens with a green leaf loading. Over the leaf are the words, "Catch a falling leaf and put it in your pocket..." These instructions will come into play a few moments later.

Once the leaf loads, the user is taken to a simple page with a drawn, tree-like structure. The branches hold signs for the band's shows, store, contact information and mailing list. Then, green leaves begin to fall. Each leaf holds a video or photo of the band. A sun and moon at the top of the page allow the user to alter the amount of light on the page. A music player is on the bottom of the page.

Check it out here.

The band is about to release its new album at the Black Cat on June 16. Tickets are currently available.