'Freakshow' Star Marcus 'Creature' Boykin Can't Find A Roommate

Marcus Boykin is perplexed.

He's a star on AMC's hit reality show "Freakshow" and, he's well known as "the Creature" -- one of the most tattooed and pierced individuals in the world.

Despite his fame, the Creature is having trouble scaring up someone with whom to live.

"I'm looking for an apartment right now," he said on a episode airing Tuesday night. "I just got the boot from my last place. Right now, I'm still in a hotel. I'm kind of going crazy. It's not cool."

Boykin went apartment hunting in Los Angeles between performances at the Venice Beach Freakshow, but, for some strange reason, it didn't go well.

One potential roomie told Boykin point blank: "I don't even want to lie to you. I don't feel comfortable having someone like you in this house, just for the way it is. I'm not comfortable with it."

Boykin admits the assumptions people make about him on first impressions can be daunting.

"They look at me and don't see the beauty in me," he said. "I'm judged. Instantly."

This isn't the first time the Creature unintentionally scared off people.



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