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31 Powerful Photos That Prove Freckles Are Gorgeous

Freckles are a fascinating feature, so much so that people are willing to draw them on their faces. (Yes, Olivia Wilde, we're looking at you).

Contrary to popular belief, freckles aren't birthmarks and people are not born with them. The brown or red spots are actually a result of sun exposure that "will only form in those who are genetically pre-disposed to them," renowned dermatologist and pharmacist Howard Murad told "Today."

Many people have spoken candidly about learning to love their freckles, and we think model Nikia Phoenix put it best: "Yes, I've had my moments when I wished that I could just fit in with a crowd, but I'm glad I stand out," she told The Huffington Post. "Through the good times and bad, I’ve learned to love what makes me me."

For amazing examples of #frecklelove and #fearlessfreckles, we turned to HuffPost Lifestyle's Instagram and Twitter communities and asked followers to send us their photos filled with freckle pride. See some of the most powerful images below.

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