Fred Armisen Has Mastered Every Accent But One

The actor totally unraveled when he attempted it.
Fred Armisen and Coco joking around on "Conan."  
Fred Armisen and Coco joking around on "Conan."  

Much like Bill Hader, Fred Armisen is one of those names that immediately comes to mind when you think of someone that has mastered every accent. 

The "Portlandia" actor put his vocal talents on display during Wednesday night's "Conan" episode. Armisen boasted that he could do "any accent, accurately," including "any small part of a town, any big city, whatever you want, I can do it all. United States, around the world, any of them." 

The actor easily showed off his Minsk and Hamburg accents, and Fargo, North Dakota, proved to be an easy ask as well. But when Conan asked Armisen to mimic a Jamaican accent, the actor unraveled. 



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