Fred Armisen Shows Up With Joy Behar Impersonation On "The View" (VIDEO)

Joy Behar's "SNL" impersonator, Fred Armisen, paid a visit to the set of "The View" during Friday's show.

At the end of a segment called Joy's Month in Review, she complained that the "Saturday Night Live" skits about "The View" don't do her justice.

"I don't think Fred Armisen, who plays me, looks or sounds anything like me!" she said, introducing clips of recent "The View" skits.

At the end of the clips, Armisen was in Joy's seat the table, dressed in a matching black scoop neck shirt with a red wig.

"You know, I don't get it!" he said, playing Behar. "So what? Who cares? He looks nothing like me. Not his face, nothing. Who cares?"



Watch Armisen playing Behar on "SNL" below:

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