Fred Barnes: Palin Has "Dashed Her Chances" For 2012

Numerous Republican pundits who heartily backed Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in 2008 have tried to argue that her surprise resignation could help her run in 2012. But the Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes just can't bring himself to do it.

Forget about Sarah Palin as the Republican presidential candidate in 2012 and probably ever. She may have no interest in seeking the GOP nomination. But if she does, her chances of winning the nomination have been minimized by her decision to resign as governor of Alaska. She's knocked out one of three legs of the presidential stool and a second one is wobbly. [...]

I first met Palin in 2007 and talked to her over lunch at the governor's mansion in Juneau. I was impressed. She talked quite ably about energy, taxes, and the environment--issues on the table in Alaska. I wrote a highly favorable story about her. I thought she was a brilliant choice as McCain's vice presidential running mate in 2008.

As Steve Benen wrote at the Washington Monthly, "When a shameless Republican cheerleader like Barnes believes Palin has done serious damage to her own, brief career in politics, it's a strong hint that Friday's bizarre announcement hasn't been well received among party sycophants."

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