Fred Davis Lawsuit: Redskins TE Represents Himself In Civil Suit Against Makini R. Chaka

No Washington Redskins fan would confuse tight end Fred Davis with wide receiver Santana Moss. Listed at 6'4 and 258 pounds, Davis is noticeably larger than his 5'10, 205-pound teammate. But according to a bizarre civil lawsuit, a woman is claiming that Davis pretended to be his teammate in order to keep her away.

Per The Washingtonian, the 33-year-old Makini R. Chaka is alleging that Davis dumped juice and injured her lip in a nightclub incident in January of 2011. At the time, TMZ reported that Davis was named in the initial police report as a suspect and was accused of assaulting a woman, presumably Chaka. Davis later told NBC Washington that he wasn't arrested and it was him who called the police.

According to court documents obtained by the paper, the suit has dragged on for 18 months since the incident last year. Chaka, who reportedly describes herself as a "celebrity broker," has accused Davis of impersonating Moss to keep her out of a nightclub. For his part, Davis is claiming that Chaka is extorting him.

To make the lawsuit even more baffling, Davis -- who was suspended for four games last season for failing multiple drug tests -- is representing himself.

Unfortunately, extortion has been a common term around the Redskins organization in recent weeks.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III, Washington's No. 2 overall pick in NFL Draft, was recently the target of an extortion attempt. Former Baylor basketball player Richard Khamir Hurd threatened to release "derogatory information" about the Heisman Trophy Winner and now faces federal extortion charges.

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