Fred Stobaugh, 96-Year-Old Man, Writes Tear-Jerking Song 'Oh Sweet Lorraine,' For Late Wife (VIDEO)

WATCH: A 96-Year-Old Man Wrote A Song For His Wife, And It's A Definite Tear-Jerker

Get out those tissue boxes. This 96-year-old man's love song for his late wife is guaranteed to make you tear up.

Fred Stobaugh, from Peoria, Ill., wrote the lyrics to what he called "Oh Sweet Lorraine" after his 91-year-old wife died last April. The couple met in 1938 and were married for 73 years, according to ABC News.

"Oh sweet Lorraine," the song begins. "I wish we could do all the good times over again."

Stobaugh, who's not a musician, entered the lyrics into a singer-songwriter contest at Green Shoes Studios in Illinois.

His entry was like no other, said Green Shoe's Jacob Colgan. Instead of a YouTube video link, Stobaugh sent a large manila envelope with the lyrics written in a letter:

The memories always linger on. / Oh, sweet Lorraine, no I don't want to move on. / The memories always linger on. / Oh, sweet Lorraine, that's why I wrote you this song.

"I started to read the lyrics and was so touched by the song and without even meeting Fred we thought, we're going to do something," Colgan said.

With Stobaugh's permission, Colgan set the words to music and brought the song to life. In the video below, the 96-year-old hears the tune for the first time.

"Wonderful," Stobaugh says after listening, while holding back tears. "Just wonderful."

If the heartwarming clip has you wanting more, "Oh Sweet Lorraine" is now available on iTunes.


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