100-Year-Old Athlete Still Does 100 Push-Ups Every Day

This 100-Year-Old Athlete Still Does 100 Push-Ups Every Day

It's safe to say that, at 100, Fred Winter is fitter than many people half his age. The athletic centenarian has been working on his fitness for the past 30 years and now says he does 100 push-ups every day.

At 70, Fred decided he wanted to get healthy after realizing he wasn't in the best shape. Since then, the veteran and Holland, Michigan resident has been competing in various senior games -- and winning medals along the way.

Just this past weekend Fred competed in the State Games of Michigan, winning three gold medals for the 50-meter dash, shot put and hammer throw.

"I love it," Fred told People. "As I get older I have less and less competition. People get sick, people die. But I'm staying strong." The 100-year-old almost wasn't able to compete in the games, though, as the age brackets only went up to 99, so he had to ask for special permission.

He stays fit by eating a healthy diet, exercising and abstaining from smoking and alcohol, his wife of 65 years, Darlene Winter, told The Huffington Post. His regimen includes eating lots of blueberries and salmon and getting out to ride his tricycle at least once a week.

Up next for Fred are the National Senior Games in Minnesota next month. "The nationals are a very big thing for him," Darlene said. "I think that he lives for these events. He's gone to seven or eight nationals. It's interesting and exciting to think he's lived this long and is still able to move around."

The family just celebrated Fred's 100th birthday and Fred says he'll be competing next year as usual. "I'm not slowing down anytime soon," he said.

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