Black Man Wears 'Caucasians' T-Shirt To Gauge Hypocrisy About Racist Logos

One woman called the shirt "disrespectful" but said the Washington NFL team's mascot was OK "because that's the logo!"

Although many Native Americans find the Washington football team’s name and logo racist, owner Dan Snyder refuses to change the name to something, well, less offensive.

That lack of empathy recently inspired an African-American marketing consultant and culture critic to gauge the level of hypocrisy about racist team logos.

This week, Frederick Joseph walked around New York City wearing a shirt designed to look like a Washington NFL team T-shirt, but with the word “Caucasians” on it instead of “Redskins.”

Not surprisingly, many people were offended to find him wearing a shirt featuring a member of an ethnic group ― even after he reminded them about the original name, which is often used as a racial slur.

Joseph, who made headlines earlier this year after spearheading the viral “Black Panther Challenge,” detailed how wearing the shirt went down in a Twitter thread on Tuesday. It pretty much sums up many people’s hypocrisy about the team logo.

Joseph told HuffPost that he hopes his experiment catches on elsewhere.

“I hope to see people in cities like D.C. or Cleveland conduct these experiments as well,” he said.

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