Frederick Richardson, Middle School Teacher, Faces Suspension For Allegedly Choking Student

Frederick Richardson, a Jacksonville, Fla. middle school teacher, has been accused of choking and pinning a student against a concrete wall, and faces a 15-day suspension, The Florida Times-Union reported.

According to the report, one witness said Richardson was simply protecting himself from an attack the student instigated at Highlands Middle School.

"According to a Duval County school discipline report, this is the third time Richardson is being punished for an incident involving his students. In March of 2008, he was suspended for paddling a student. Later that year, he was given a written reprimand for making a comment about a student being 'gay.'"

Brittany Littles, a local mom, told the station that Tuesday's diciplinary hearing, where Richards will face a possible 15-day unpaid suspension, is long overdue.

"Something should have happened the first time. It shouldn't have been an ongoing thing," Littles told WAWS.

Richardson claims the student was "running his mouth" during class and became "hostile" by swinging his arms at the teacher.

If the suspension is passed, Richards will still be a teacher at the middle school, just temporarily removed.