Free Fall Suspension Bungee Jumping: Russia's 'Sinner Team' Attaches Hooks To Skin (GRAPHIC PHOTO, VIDEO)

WATCH: This Bungee Jump Will Make Your Skin Crawl

Bungee jumping is dangerous enough as it is, but this team of Russian daredevils is taking it to an entirely different level.

Known as the Sinner Team, the adventurists forgo the usual safety harness and affix bungee cords directly to their skin. The team calls this form of free fall suspension bungee jumping "The Challenge."

Founded by Stanislav Aksenov and his wife Elena in 2008, the Sinner Team performs a wide variety of body suspension feats, but did not begin adapting the practice to bungee jumping until 2010, according to a 2012 documentary about the group.

As seen in the documentary, entitled "The Birth," Aksenov and the team started off small, performing 10-meter suspension swings before trying the technique on a larger scale. Since then, the Sinner Team has slowly pushed the label, jumping from higher locations and attaching the bungee hooks to various areas of the body, such as the knee, for example.

According to BME/News' ModBlog, which covers body modification news, anyone with the proper training and equipment can perform the free fall body suspension jumps. However, Aksenov warns that the practice can be extremely dangerous if it's not conducted by professionals. That's why members of the body suspension crew gather regularly at rope-jumping locations near Moscow to practice the stunts, inviting amateurs to partake.

Performing the majority of their jumps during the summer season, the Sinner Team records the challenges and posts the videos online.

A photo of Aksenov (below), preparing to jump with bungee hooks attached to the skin of his back, was shared on Reddit Wednesday. The shot is reminiscent of other eerie photos taken last year by Russian teens participating in the trend of skywalking, that is, climbing -- without safety equipment -- to the tops of skyscrapers and other tall structures and taking photos of the breathtaking aerial scenes.

Check out some of the free fall suspension bungee jumps in the video above, and click over to Aksenov's Vimeo album to see more of the Sinner Team's challenges.

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