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This Is What Life Would Look Like If Guacamole Didn't Cost Extra

It would be a beautiful place.

We recently got a press pitch from Qdoba informing us that guacamole was no longer going to cost extra at the fast food Mexican chain. (Pretty great, we know.) While we normally ignore e-mails like this one, this particular pitch got the wheels in our heads turning. Free guacamole. That's FREE guacamole, people. It was a difficult -- albeit glorious -- concept for us to wrap our heads around. But once we did, it was hard to stop thinking about it.

If every restaurant offered a side of guacamole for free, the world would be an amazing, avocado-filled place. Can you see it? No? Don't worry, we painted -- or rather, Photoshopped -- the picture(s) for you.

Prepare yourself for the wonderful world of free guacamole.

This is what tacos would look like.
Original image via 1MoreCreative via Getty Images/Lauri Patterson via Getty Images
They'd be epic, each and every one of them.
Nachos would become the best food on the planet.
Original image via 1MoreCreative via Getty Images/Julina Rashid via Getty Images
A scoop of guacamole on every single chip.
That order of guacamole?
Original image via Phoebe_Lapine via Getty Images/McConnell & McNamara via Getty Images
Oh, you could get that with a scoop of guacamole on top. Or, ten scoops on top. Mountains upon mountains of guacamole.
Ketchup would become superfluous.
Original image via bhofack2 via Getty Images/ClaudioVentrella via Getty Images
Because, guacamole.
Pizza would become EVEN MORE AWESOME.
Original image via bhofack2 via Getty Images/Tetra Images via Getty Images
It's what pizza has been missing all this time.
On top of spaghetti...
Original image via 1MoreCreative via Getty Images/Silvia Rico via Getty Images
All covered in guac.
Yes, we know whipped cream is good on milkshakes.
Original image via 1MoreCreative via Getty Images/bhofack2 via Getty Images
But guacamole is SO MUCH BETTER.
Actually, you could skip the food all together.
Original image via bhofack2 via Getty Images/PM Images via Getty Images
Just take a scoop right into the palm of your hand.
Or better yet...
Original images via bhofack2 via Getty Images/Christoph Wilhelm via Getty Images

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