Teachers Share Their Favorite Free Learning Websites And Apps For Kids

These free tools provide educational and entertaining activities for kids at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, kids across the country are home from school. Some kids have schoolwork to complete, but there’s still a large chunk of the day that needs to be filled with activities and scheduling.

Who better to help us parents fill in the space than teachers? So we asked the teachers of the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for their favorite free educational apps and websites for kids to continue learning while they’re out of school.

Here are some of their suggestions.

BrainPop has some cool videos and activities that my students love. Khan Academy as well.” ― Melissa Tapia

GoNoodle is the best! I use it at home with my 2, 5 and 6-year-olds as well as with my 8th graders. There are all different types of silly songs/games to get kids up and moving. There are community-building type activities. And there are yoga/meditation activities. Everything is fun and silly and perfect durations. And I don’t find it obnoxious!” ― Katy Jo

“I’m a high school English teacher. I’ve been assigning No Red Ink and Quizizz assignments.” ― Ashley Wyatt

“Physical education teacher, and I love Yoga with Adrienne (for older kids) and Cosmic Kids yoga (for younger kids).” ― Jennifer McNamar Hall

DreamBox. It has a 90-day free subscription.” ― Julie George

Wonderopolis, Get Epic, Reflex Math...” ― Heather Haley Frankfort

Mystery Science!” ― Heidi Auvinen

Icivics.org” ― Mary Ann Hensley Hassan

Teacherspayteachers.com because you don’t have to be a teacher to use it! Lots of free stuff there too.” ― Kay Jean

Education.com has offered free printable workbook packs and free game play.” — Krista Ross Mahan

“For parents of children with dyslexia, ‘Teach Your Monster to Read’ is a great game for helping your child learn phonics and improve their reading skills. The computer version is free.” ― Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring

“Helpful websites for parents while kids are out of school:
ELA: Spelling City, Raz-Kids, ABC Ya, National Geographic Kids
Math: Math-Whizz, Math Toybox, XtraMath

YouTube channels for young children over this long break from school:
Little Fox Kids, Jack Hartmann, Nessy, Kids vs. Life, Laughing And Learning For Young Minds” ― Bridget Locken

Quotes have been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

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