13 Free Prints To Hang On Your Walls Instead Of Pictures

13 Free Prints To Hang On Your Walls Instead Of Pictures

So you just moved into a new place and you've got a bunch of blank walls to do whatever you want with. Sure, you could hang pictures on them like most people do, but that would be so boring.

That's why you should frame and hang up some printables. They are like a mix between posters and paintings and they are usually super cool and fun. We've chosen 13 free printables you can easily download, print out, frame and hang on your wall for a new look. Oh yeah, did we mention that they are free?!

1. This pineapple print would look great in a kitchen or bathroom.


Download it here.

2. This is perfect for the chic cat lover.


Download it here.

3. While this is for the artsy cat lover.


Download it here.

4. This will give you a daily pick-me-up.


Download it here.

5. This fern print is another great kitchen addition.


Download it here.

6. This public health poster from Taiwan in 1959 is unique.


Download it here.

7. This cute rubber duck print is perfect for a baby's room.


Download it here.

8. This is for the hardcore Beatles fan.


Download it here.

9. This print of a painting of J. B. Belley, Deputy for Saint-Domingue, is perfect if you want to act like you actually own a fancy piece of art.


Download it here.

10. This print gives you all the motivation you need every day.


Download it here.

11. This print is perfect for a scientist's home.


Download it here.

12. And this is perfect for a dentist's home.


Download it here.

13. These trees will brighten up any room.


Download it here.

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