Free The Girls Repurposes Gently Used Bras For Sex Trafficking Victims (WATCH)

The well-published mantra from the second wave of the feminist movement may have been, "Burn your bra!" (whether they actually did or not is highly-contested discussion), but Kimba Langas of Denver found an even more empowering use for them.

Instead of donating a one-time sum to an organization intended to benefit women in other parts of the world, Langas came up with the idea of donating gently-used bras to victims of sex trafficking in Mozambique, located in the southeastern region of Africa. As the formerly-trafficked women are rehabilitated into society, they can begin to safely earn a living selling second-hand bras to other women in their country.

A UNESCO paper published in 2006 claims that close to four million people are trafficked internationally and internally in the world.

According to the organization, Free The Girls, bras are sought-after items in other countries and second-hand clothing is a profitable market. Additionally, many of the women helped by Free The Girls were sold into prostitution when they were as young as 8-10 years-old.

The organization does accept monetary donations as well to fund their job creation projects, but it's the bras that keep the projects going.

By donating directly to Free The Girls, our supporters allow us to lower our costs and therefore give the women we work with a competitive advantage over others who sell second-hand clothes. We believe that enterprise has a role to play in the rehabilitation of survivors of human trafficking, and your bra donations make small businesses happen. Free The Girls is committed to providing real jobs and real opportunities for trafficking survivors.

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