Is This What Will Finally Stop The Student Debt Crisis From Growing?

With the economic problems associated with student debt well-established, more state lawmakers are considering proposals to send students to college without a tuition bill.

Republicans and Democrats alike are pitching plans to send in-state students to community college for free, while many states are exploring proposals that would replace tuition at state universities with agreements by graduates to give up a certain percentage of their income to the state for a set number of years to help fund public higher education where they went to school.

Oregon state Sen. Mark Hass (D) wants to tackle student debt in by offering free community college to students graduating high school in his state. Hass sees student debt as a national security crisis and joined HuffPost Live Tuesday to discuss why.

Watch a clip of the discussion above, or view the whole segment here. Also joining in the segment are Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party and Maggie Thompson from the Higher Ed Not Debt Campaign.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story stated the HuffPost Live segment occurred Wednesday, when it actually took place Tuesday.