This Baby Whale Jumping For Joy Is Totally How We Feel On A Friday

It looks like this delightful whale is living her best life. 

J50, a 6-month-old baby orca, was playing in the Salish Sea near British Columbia earlier this month. The young whale breached, or leapt into the air, several times, and photographer Clint Rivers happened to capture one spectacular jump on camera. J50 looks like she's having a blast. Or maybe she's trying to reenact that iconic "Free Willy" scene. 


Rivers captured the photo during an Eagle Wing Whale Watching Tour, and according to his Facebook post, J50 was quite the star that day, breaching more than 60 times. 

"J50 stole the show and hearts," the tour company wrote on a separate Facebook post. "It’s like she just figured out how this breaching thing works and couldn’t stop. She was still breaching well into the evening!"



Researchers believe that the happy whale's birth was a difficult one, and she needed to be pulled out of her mother with the help of another whale, according to a Facebook post from the tour company. Michael Harris, executive director of the Pacific Whale Watching Association says, that may be what's behind J50's high-flying spirit. 

"Maybe the other members of her family realize how precious she is, and how close she came to never making it into this world," Harris told Global News. "Perhaps with all of this love surrounding her, this baby orca is just bursting with happiness."

Now, we're gonna take a page out of J50's book and go live it up! 

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