Watch Relieved Freed Whale Make A Splash With Norwegian Coast Guard

The whale showed off when the crew cut away netting from its tail.

A listless whale finally freed from a mass of netting by a helpful Norwegian coast guard crew erupted into exuberance and doused the sailors in what seemed to be a celebration.

The completely exhausted whale, its tail entangled in netting, was spotted on the surface of the Barents Sea Wednesday by the crew of the KV Bison coast guard ship after a tip from a passing ferry.

Lt. Captain Raymond Isehaug sent a four-man crew in a small boat to help the animal, which he believed was a humpback whale, The Guardian reported.

It took about 15 minutes for the crew to cut away the tangle as the whale appeared to wait patiently, without fear, then erupted into leaps and tail thwacks.

It appeared to circle once for a last farewell before taking off.

Check it out in the video clip above.

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