Freedom's Martyr: The Story of Aaron Swartz

Every person should fight for what they believe in. Some are forced to, some are called to, and some do it because it is inherently the right thing to do.

Aaron Swartz is a hero. Aaron changed the course of information freedom. Had SOPA passed, we would be living in a post-apocalyptic version of the Internet we take for granted.

Aaron helped pioneer RSS, he created one of the webs most loved startups, Reddit, which has more un-bias and morally substantial news and information on it's front page on a daily basis than most media institutions would be lucky to feature in their entire span of their existence. More than any of these accomplishments, he saved us from an online tyranny of governmental institution.

Aaron lived for liberation of information.

Aaron lived to free information, and eventually died for it.

He wanted to make the world a better place, and had more of an impact through the world wide web than most of us could ever dream. The beauty is that he used it for good, instead of greed.

Aaron was a figure of freedom, of understanding, of empathy, and purpose.

Aaron's story has been turned in to a documentary named The Internet's Own Boy, which I recommend everyone watch.

This documentary, I believe, should be required viewing for every political figure, every classroom, and every human being.

Escape for an hour into the life of a prodigy, into the life of a revolutionary citizen, disrupting not silicon valley, but freedom in the world of information.

Learn from him, adopt his ideals, and help make this world a better place.

It's all he wanted.