Freeing the Being

What does it mean to be free?

Does having the right to free speech or the ability to start a business mean we're free? Having the "right" to be free is external, regulated by governments. As if someone has the right to tell you if you can be free or not in the first place, they don't.

Truly being free means that we are aware of a choice in every moment. When we know that we have a choice, then we get to choose how we want to be. Seems easy.

Though, think about how you operate in your daily routine. How many things are actually a choice? Given, there are a number of tasks that "need" to get done during the day: Wake up, brush the teeth, get the kids ready for school, etc.

I'd like you to take a moment and really consider how are you being as you accomplish your regular tasks. Are you doing your best to get through them so you can finally relax? Are you stressed out and anxious, or worse, are you taking medication to make you less anxious which makes you a zombie?

There's a non-medical solution to anxiety, it's called breathing. I don't intend to demean those who do take pills, rather to encourage a healthier, more conscious lifestyle where we don't have to drug ourselves as much as we do. The average American takes something like four different prescription pills a day. That's the average.

This isn't an article about the healthcare system, but I am advocating for a healthier style of living that starts with our thoughts. Through meditation, we become aware of our thoughts and are then able to choose how we want to be.

In order to live our lives in a focused and calm manner, we need to first be internal focused and calm. I've been figuring out how to do this as part of my life's work, which is connecting us to our authentic selves. What has worked well for me is the use of quotes. In quotes, I find that large and complex concepts can be condensed into a few lines without losing much meaning. This way, we have reminders of how to live life in convenient little packages of information.

For example, one of my favorite quotes is from Star Wars, when Master Yoda tells Luke, "Do or do not, there is no try." When I hear myself use the word try, this quote pops up in my mind and I can check in to see if I'm actually going to do a thing or not. This keeps me honest with myself, allows me to keep my word, and reduces anxiety because I don't have to waiver in the middle of things.

A good quote is a beacon of light to remind you of the person you desire to be. In a world full of advertisements, you've got to have your own guidance system.

So then, how do quotes create freedom? By finding quotes that resonate with you, you can literally write out your chosen path. You can take quotes from the wisest people in history and live by those. There is so much wisdom that's been passed down through the ages, and it is just waiting to be used.

The one problem with ancient wisdom is it can become a bit wordy. That's why I've taken what I've learned during my life, and put them into easy to read, understandable quotes. [shameless plug] You can find this compilation on Amazon. It's called Freeing the Being: Original Quotes for Transforming Your Life.

The quotes in my book cover a number of topics, from living in the now and relating to others to energetic exploration and mantras. If one of these quotes can give you some insight, I will feel complete.

We all need reminders of how wonderful life is, and how we can best enjoy it. There are roses everywhere, make sure you stop and smell one today.